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Lisova Pisnya - The Forest Song - Lesia Ukrainka Poems Collection Book


Lisova Pisnya – The Forest Song – Лісова Пісня – Lesya Ukrainka Poems

The most romantic play Ukrainian students chance to read within the school program – now in the modern design! The mysterious drama-extravaganza reveals sensual and dramatic love story of the forest beauty Mavka and the village boy Lukash. This Lesya Ukrainka poems book was written in 1911. Today the magic world of the “Forest Song”Read more about Lisova Pisnya – The Forest Song – Лісова Пісня – Lesya Ukrainka Poems[…]

Ukrainian History Book by Did Svyryd cover


Ukrainian History by Did Svyryd (Vol.1 – From Ancient to 1036)

The book “History of Ukraine from Grandfather Svyryd” is a fresh look for well-known events in the Ukrainian history. The author presents his material in humorous and satiric manner. At the same time, he provides scientific argumentation to historical details. The depth of analysis of causal relationships makes the book a reliable version of historicalRead more about Ukrainian History by Did Svyryd (Vol.1 – From Ancient to 1036)[…]



Malenkyj Prync – The Little Prince – Маленький Принц

The most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery with the original author’s drawings. A wise and “humane” fairy tale is a parable which talks about friendship and love, duty and loyalty, beauty and intolerance towards evil in simple, but heartfelt manner. “All grown-ups were once children… but only a few of them remember it.” theRead more about Malenkyj Prync – The Little Prince – Маленький Принц[…]

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