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Khlopchyk i More/The Boy and the Sea - trilingual book cover


Khlopchyk i More – The Boy and the Sea

Inspirational, meditative, pastel story, similar to the beautiful children’s dreams.

The boy comes to the boundless, exciting, rich in treasures sea to hear a charming voice from the shell. Could it be his inner voice, capable of opening the sea of feelings to a small heart? – Discover in this wonderful trilingual book with Ukrainian, English and Polish translations.

"Snigova Koroleva" illustrated by Yerko - fairy tale book cover.


Snigova Koroleva – The Snow Queen

This fairy tale with such a cold name has been warming millions of children’s hearts around the world for nearly 200 years.
As for the presented book – talent of the author Hans Christian Andersen along with unsurpassed graphics by the Ukrainian illustrator Vladyslav Yerko make this edition a real masterpiece.  Now “The Snow Queen” by “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA” with Yerko illustrations is kind of a business card of the publishing house in the international book world.

"The Swing under the Maple Tree"/"Hoidalka pid klenom" book cover


Hoidalka Pid Klenom – The Swing under the Maple Tree (Bilingual)

An enjoyable bilingual book with incredible illustrations by Oksana Buly.

Despite the brevity of the narrative, it touches – there are also strong emotions and conflict. Both linguistic versions of the text (Ukrainian and English) have a perfect rhythm to comfortably read it aloud. But the main thing is that the “Swing” is truly colored with childhood. This picture book is accurately depicting pure childish emotions and feelings through its messages and images. It’s simply amazing!

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