Ukrainian History by Did Svyryd (Vol.1 – From Ancient to 1036)




The book “History of Ukraine from Grandfather Svyryd” is a fresh look for well-known events in the Ukrainian history. The author presents his material in humorous and satiric manner. At the same time, he provides scientific argumentation to historical details. The depth of analysis of causal relationships makes the book a reliable version of historical material not only “history geeks” but also for schoolchildren and students. The peculiarity of the author’s genre is the “revival” of historical heroes in the format of dialogues and the involvement of readers in the analysis of historical events.

The first volume covers the period from the prehistoric era and first settlements on the territory of Ukraine until 1036.

It’s also important to know that the author is a volunteer. The purchase of his books is a form of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. All fees are dedicated to the needs of the Ukrainian army. So, after the release of the first volume, a large-scale reanimobile acquired was bought and transferred to the military unit of the Armed Forces in the ATO zone.

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History, Children's Literature


Ages 6-99








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