Bilingual Children's Books

Why do English-Ukrainian bilingual books gain popularity nowadays?

Parallel text books for children have become a very popular phenomenon both in Ukraine and in English-Ukrainian communities in USA. Nothing surprising about that. Such books make it possible for parents to read aloud texts for kids in two languages one by one. It allows to unobtrusively bring babies to the new language environment, expand their vocabulary of foreign words, and feel the rhythm of sentences in outlandish pronunciation. For younglings, who live in the multilingual environment since nappies, and their parents it’s a totally new reading experience.

What’s new on the market of bilingual literature?

Over the past years, the supply of bilingual, and even trilingual books for children has remarkably increased in the Ukrainian publishing market. Mostly these are the Ukrainian and English parallel texts, as well as editions with Polish and Russian translations. This testifies to a qualitatively new level of the children’s literature in Ukraine. The best bilingual books are mostly distinguished by good quality, modern design, interesting illustrations, readable fonts and moderately rich text.

We have prepared publications for the smallest, where the first elementary words are presented, and literature for children of junior school age, where the story is already followed. Hope you’ll enjoy our collection!

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