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Ukrainian children’s books for the harmonious development of the English-Ukrainian-speaking kids

The problem of child reading in our days has become very acute, because fewer and fewer children show interest in books. Now their attention is completely captured by computers and gadgets that do not leave any chance for printed word. It’s getting even harder when it goes about trying to nurture love of Ukrainian language to an offspring in the English-speaking community.

Think it’s impossible to find a good Ukrainian book for kids in America?

Parents, don’t give up! Our books won’t leave your child indifferent. We know which stories are capturing modern kids and which topics are most relevant to younglings of all ages. At our bookstore you will find such classical works as “The Little Price”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Moomins” side by side with creations of modern Ukrainian and foreign authors – Ivan Malkovych, Sashko Dermansky, Joanne Rowling.

All our books make a long way from bookshelves of best Ukrainian publishing houses to your homes. We cooperate only with publishers known for unique literature selection, vivid covers and amazing illustrations, high levels of translation and solid editions.

We promise – you’ll love our collection at the first sight. With our books your kids will learn the Ukrainian alphabet, memorize children’s poems and sing Ukrainian christian songs, will get acquainted with the Ukrainian fairy tales characters and find out more about the Ukrainian customs and traditions. So, no time to waste – go ahead and check our shop yourself!

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