Ukrainian Cookbooks

Ukrainian recipe books

Diversity of the Ukrainian culinary books testifies to the love of the Ukrainians for witching in the kitchen. Ukrainian cuisine recipes, such as the Ukrainian borshch, perogies, easter bread, cakes and cookies, dishes for Christmas eve and other holidays – these all can be found in everyday emerging editions of culinary anthologies.

And it is quite natural. Beautifully decorated cookbooks are now commonly perceived as an universal gift for everyone who loves cooking. Such books are willingly bought by housewives and those who are passionate about preparing tasty food. Therefore, publishers keep on producing new quality readings on cuisines of different countries and nationalities. The Ukrainian publishers are not an exception either.

Moreover, despite the fact that the culinary sites are very popular, it is convenient to have a good hand-fit book with a selection of festive and everyday recipes at home. Obviously, it’s quite uncomfortable to rewrite recipes from the monitor screen or read from laptop or smartphone while cooking. Consequently, the printed cookbooks appear to be the best choice.

At our bookstore we tried to showcase the best examples of cookbooks originated in Ukraine and presenting traditional Ukrainian food recipes. Realistic “tasty” pictures, bright photographs and detailed preparing guidelines can change attitude towards cooking even for those who are not keen on the process at all. If you are looking for the Ukrainian cookbooks in English, we also have editions with parallel Ukrainian-English text. Go ahead and check our collection!

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